When is Blood Moon in 2017. How many blood moon are in year 2017. Checkout details of each red blood moon 2017, timing, type, visibilty, days until, in countries india, usa, uk, canada, australia, etc..

Blood Moon 2017 - Red Blood Moons in 2017?

In year 2017, a total of two Blood Moons will be occur. Unlike solar eclipses, appearing in a small area of the earth, Blood Moons in 2017 are visible from any place where one can observe the moon. Details of each 2017 Blood moon such as eclipse type, timing, days until and visibility are mentioned in detail below;

When is Blood Moon in 2017

  • First Blood Moon in 2017 is Penumbral type. It will be on Saturday, February 11 2017, at 0:44 AM UTC, and it is 6th week and 42nd day of the gregorian year.
  • Second Red Moon / Blood Moon in 2017 is Partial type. It will be on Monday, August 7 2017, at 06:20 PM UTC, and it is 32nd week and 219th day of the gregorian year.

A Blood Moon or simply a lunar eclipse occur when the sun, the earth and the moon are aligned (with the Earth in the middle). Normally the moon reflects the light from the sun to the earth, but during an eclipse, the earth in the way and the moon receives no sunlight, the moon is in the shadow of the earth and is therefore dark.

During a Blood Moon or a Red Moon, the moon is never completely dark. A small amount of sunlight reaches the earth's atmosphere even the moon. By Rayleigh scattering in the Earth's atmosphere this light turns red, like the sun and the moon as low on the horizon. As a result see the moon becomes reddish during lunar eclipse and it is called as Red Blood Moon. This is only to observe during a total lunar eclipse, because with a partial eclipse of the illuminated part of the moon, the sky still too much illuminated.