Checkout what day is December 1 2017, horoscope, facts, due date, December 01 2017 holiday, etc. Also interesting facts regarding 1st December 2017 wacky celebrations, Chinese animal name, birthday zodiac sign, movies, weather, moon phase, news,..

December 1 2017 Holidays and Facts?

Friday December 1 2017, holidays, lots of weird days, specials events, Wacky, and Bizarre observances are referred to this day. These special days are celebrated on different levels such as on; state, national, regional, religional, cultural and international. Below, you can check popular, known and interesting holidays/days and celebrations belongs to 12/01/2017. Check how many days until December 1st 2017 due date. According to tropical zodiac the baby born on this day will have Sagittarius as astrological sign aka 'The Archer' in English.

December 1 2017 Holiday and Observances

⚝ World AIDS Day
⚝ Christmas Lights Day
⚝ Day Without Art
⚝ Civil Air Patrol Day
⚝ Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day
⚝ Faux Fur Friday
⚝ International Sweater Vestival
⚝ Eat a Red Apple Day
⚝ Pie Day
⚝ Wear a Dress Day